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Why MySecurity Services House Alarm Systems?

MySecurity provide quality house alarm systems for any home or business owner looking to safeguard their assets. Purchasing your first security system or looking at upgrading to a more comprehensive alarm monitoring model, our consultants can assist you.
. However often when unexpected situations occur, owners are faced with poor video quality due to lack of

maintenance. In order to determine that your video security system is performing optimally, it’s a good idea to schedule regular system maintenance. We have complied a checklist to ensure best security performance and help protect your investment.

Maintenance tips for your house alarm system

1. Ensure you have a clean camera lense to guarantee optimal image/video quality.

2. Check Cables are Secure and receiving power. Check for signs of deterioration, wear & tear.

3. Trim Landscaping and ensure that each camera has a clear view, remove any webs, no obstructions

4. Inspect for Corrosion on plugs immediately replace connectors showing signs of corrosion or rust.

5. Clean DVR and remove dust using a microfiber cloth or compressed air to blow out crevices.

6. Inspect Camera Housing confirm camera is enclosed, look for signs of water, dirt or condensation.

7. Check your Power Supply frequently to ensure no loss of power due to tampering or environmental factors.


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